Serton Ltd was established in 1976 with initial premises on Piraeus and later on, in 1982 we moved in our own premises 4500 m2 where we still operate.


           The fields of operation of our company include the followinh:

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     Research, development and evolvement of products, appliances and of various parts

     Household appliances manufacturing

     Metal constructions

     Painting with Electrostatic coating


     Teflon® DuPont™ non stick cover which has certificates for food contact suitability

for industrial, as well as other uses

     Production of plastic parts (injection moulding machines)

     Production of metallic parts (hydraulic and mechanical pressing machines)

     Machine shop for maintaining and repairing moulds


         Since 1986, our company has initiated cooperations with high velocity brands mainly in Europe through private label while, in parallel, we also operate in the Greek market as well by strengthening our brand name which has been always linked with reliability and design.



         The manufacturing and mounting of all of our products is completely performed in our factory in Greece and all the raw materials we use, mainly originated from European countries comply with the European regulations.


      Our production processes, production lines, our machinery and fields of operation aim at vertical integration achieving great economies of scale.


We have been in the manufacturing field for almost 4 decades now, and we have acquired the technology and know-how in order to always be a step forward and have authentic design with excellent performance. Our aim is to manufacture products and provide services with  devotion on our client and on quality. We emphasize on cooperations based in appreciation, respect and mutual benefit while we support production in Greece.


         Our company is continuously researching and investing in new technologies and we strive and work with the mentality of continuous improvements in our technical characteristics as well as the functionality of our products and we have introduced many innovations in the field of household appliances for which we have acquired patents.

         We apply Quality Systems as dictated by ISO 9001:2000 and CE which are mandatory for ensuring our quality in the products we products and for our services as well.

Tel: (0030) 210 5556259 & (0030) 210 5556471
Fax: (0030) 210 5556557
City: Mandra Attica
Address: Mira & Xiropigado
P.O.: 19600 Box: 2324